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St. Joseph the Worker offers a two-year Confirmation Prep experience for teens entering Grades 10 or 11.
“gifted” challenges youth to discover their God-given gifts, talents, and interests – and to share those gifts to serve the great need for Christ's compassion, mercy, healing, justice and love in our world today.

Our Vision
for Confirmation

Confirmation is a Sacrament of Initiation... a beginning; a commitment and anointing into a life-long journey of discipleship.

It is the wish and hope of the community of St. Joseph the Worker that during this period of preparation each young person will experience the hope, joy, mercy and purpose that can only be truly found in a life connected to God.

What is "gifted"?

Candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation commit to preparing themselves in the following ways:

  • Attend gifted” Prep Sessions.

  • Choose and meet with their Sponsor.

  • Participate in ongoing spiritual development

  • Share their gifts/time/compassion with the suffering/neglected/marginalized

  • Spend time in spiritual/theological reflection

Full "gifted" / OneWith Schedule

Confirmation Prep During Covid...

Dear Confirmation Candidates, Sponsors and Parents.

Once again this year the Archbishop has given pastors the option to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation for their own candidates at their home parish. 

Our Confirmation Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, May 2nd 2021 here at SJTW
To maintain COVID safety protocols, we will host multiple Masses. Seating will be limited and assigned for each Mass.  Candidates will be notified directly with details about Mass times, seating registration, check-in/safety information, liturgical ministry opportunities, etc.


What is Confirmation?

If education prepares you for a career, and exercise prepares you to compete athletically, what does Confirmation prepare you for?

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