OneWith is SJTW's innovative liturgy and Scripture centered curriculum. Using the Mass as our model, youth in grades 9-11 participate in and learn about Catholic worship from the inside out! 

"Virtual Sessions"

One of the great strengths of SJTW's formation for high school youth, is offering a process of unpacking the truth and wisdom found in the Scriptures and liturgical traditions of our Catholic faith – and allowing these young Catholics to reflect on, and apply those truths into the context of their own lives.


Even though we are not able to offer our interactive OneWith Teaching Mass sessions at this time, we offer the following format for youth – along with their families, to focus on the OneWith core competencies of analyzing scriptures/liturgical traditions and distilling them into practical wisdom that youth can apply today!
"Virtual” OneWith sessions consists of 3 steps.  Analysis, Reflection, and Application.

  • Step #1: Attend Sunday Mass with an adult family member/faith mentor (Experience and Analysis).

  • Step #2: Use the "Virtual OneWith" Reflection Guide to record your thoughts (Reflection).

  • Step #3: Participate in video conference (Zoom, Skype, etc.) with peers from your Discipleship Group (Application)


Download the "Virtual OneWith" Reflection Guide for Complete details


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Our Vision

For most Catholics, the Sunday Mass is the primary way we practice our faith.  But how much do we really understand about this ancient and highly symbolic form of worship?

At OneWith we systematically unpack the histories and mysteries of the Mass to reveal the beauty, wisdom and grace of this powerful Sacrament.

What We Do

OneWith uses a "Teaching Mass" format to explain Catholic symbolism and tradition. 

  • Youth are mentored and participate in a wide variety of liturgical ministries.

  • Youth engage in theological reflection and practical application of Sacred Scripture and Catholic doctrine. 

  • Youth are mentored (1-on-1 & Discipleship Groups) in fundamental practices of Christian discipleship.

All Are Welcome

This concept was was not designed just for teens alone.  Adults and families are invited to participate in this unique format. The OneWith formation team has developed reflection materials specifically for groups of adults and families to reflect on the gospel in a deeper more intentional way.

OneWith Teaching Masses are offered October-April (about twice per month). 

OneWith calendar for times/dates

The "Why" is Important...

What do The Karate Kid and going to Mass have in common?  Fr. Mike Schmitz explains...

Frequently asked questions

What is OneWith?

OneWith is a formation concept developed by St. Joseph the Worker to help high school youth, their parents and the whole Church learn and reflect on Catholic Worship and Sacred Scripture. The format, like the Mass itself, is simple but deeply layered. Most sessions feature a "Teaching Mass" format that allows the priest, our staff and trained mentors to explain/unpack liturgical rites, symbols, rituals, prayers and scripture as they occur during Mass. This unique apporach of teaching/reflecting/practicing Catholic liturgy allows worshipers of all ages to understand and engage in Mass and Sacred Scriptures in a richer and meaningful way. Everyone is invited to come and experience OneWith for themselves.

Who is OneWith for?

Everyone! This formation concept was desinged with the belief that the Mass is an inexhaustible Mystery and that EVERYONE can benefit from a deeper understanding of Sacred Scripture and Catholic liturgy. We have developed teaching, commentary, and reflection materials for teens, adults and for families. At a OneWith Teaching Mass worshipers are invited to reflect individually and with their peers ( youth with other youth, adults with adults, families with other families) to gain a wider perspective and deeper understanding. Youth in grades 9 - 11 particpate in small "Discipleship Groups" (It worked for Jesus). High School youth can Register for OneWith 2019-2020 here.

Is the OneWith Teaching Mass a "Valid" Mass/Count for my "Sunday Obligation"?

Absolutly! Though its not your typical Sunday celebration, our OneWith Teaching Mass is a canonically valid Mass/Sunday Liturgy. Because we do take extra time to explain liturgical rites, Catholic pracites, Biblical context/reflection, etc. a typical OneWith Teaching Mass will run about an hour and a half (6:00-7:30 pm - about twice a month October-April) OneWith Schedule for 2019-2020

How do I make up a missed OneWith Session?

The strength of our formation for high school aged youth is in the shared witness and reflection of the gospel and our lived Catholic experience that happens in their peer “Discipleship Groups”. It is no coincidence that this is the same method that Jesus used to form his disciples. This is why we place such a premium on our youth’s participation in their Discipleship Groups!

However, we acknowledge the reality of illness, family emergencies, etc. Though less than ideal, for any youth that misses a OneWith Session, we offer the following alternatives to deepen their understanding of gospel and/or their Catholic faith:

For more information and make-up instructions view & download:
OneWith Make-up_Mass Reflection OneWith Make-up_Catholic Enrichment
Please note that these options are for missed OneWith Sessions only!
Missed Confirmation Prep sessions (“Gifted”) or other mandatory sessions (listed in red on the schedules) must be made-up by appointment. To schedule a make-up for a missed Confirmation Prep/Mandatory session contact Barry Shay (

About Us

OneWith and "gifted" faith and sacramental formation materials are developed and copyrighted by St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church.  

If you are interested in learning more about OneWith, "gifted" or  eCipleship Ministries, contact Barry Shay at:

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